Social Tennis - No Partner Required

This tennis group is open to players of all levels and abilities. My vision is to host a fun, all-inclusive social tennis event. This includes both Tennis and an optional Social Hour afterward. Please come prepared to have fun and be sociable.

No Partner required. Players will be grouped by ability and you will play with several partners during the night. You will get to meet a lot of people and learn to play to each other's strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

I will announce the venue each week in the email you will receive once you subscribe (see below). We play on either El Segundo or Mira Costa courts as they are available. Sometimes we will play at both locations concurrently. Whatever the situation, I will try to have you play with a group where you can have fun but competitive games. We rotate frequently, so you will never be overmatched or undermatched for long.

After tennis, join us for a Social Hour at a nearby sports bar/restaurant. Here you can get to know the players better and form some new friends.


  • Both a (free) SUBSCRIPTION and a (paid) RESERVATION are required.

  • Play as often or as little as you like.

  • The court fee pays for 2 hours of doubles tennis

  • Please bring a new can of balls to every event.

  • I reserve an initial number of courts and then add courts as needed and as available. Please sign up early to assure your spot.

  • See the shared spreadsheet to find out the current locations, players and reserved courts.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts.

— Pat Welch

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